“Attended one of her seminars at Digital Dealer. Loved it! Very high energy and full of applicable info and tips.”

- Steve-Bridget Tillman

“Attended one of her seminars at Digital Dealer 24, amazing insight into what we are doing wrong at a management level in our dealership. Excellent suggestions on how to fix it and some kudos for what we are doing right!”

- Cheryle Priester

“I worked for Toni Anne for 5 years and she's second to NONE when it comes to business development and process bringing progress in the automobile dealership industry. Simply the best.”

- Fred Luhn, Southeast Area Director, Billion Dollar Girl

“She is a bull! Her best talent is something that cannot be taught. She has more tenacity than anyone I’ve worked with. In addition, her time management skills are incredible. She can accomplish in a day what will take most people a week. We saw pretty quick that having her run only one BDC department, we were underutilizing her.”

- Michael Brown, Managing Partner/Owner, Atlantic Automotive Group, NY

“ToniAnne is the #1 BDC trainer in the business! Learned the business from the ground floor, leads by example.”

- Vic Turselli

"Have seen her speak at the Internet 20 Groups and she is well versed in the Business Development. She has a great ability to teach and pass on the information and is highly recommended in the field of Training."

Joe Ciaccia

"Toni Anne is an amazing speaker and leader. I was fortunate enough to work with her during her years at Atlantic Automotive and admired how she kept her staff and vendors accountable while keeping everyone motivated. If you're looking for knowledgeable individual to analyze and consult on your dealership/group processes, stop. You just found her."

Tim Lee

“Toni Ann Is off the HOOK !! Motivating uplifting and won’t put you to sleep like other trainers!!! She will Guide you to SUC$$CES! ”

- John Markel

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