Personalizing Your Emails to Increase Engagement Rate

By: Toni Anne Fardette, President & COO, The Billion Dollar Girl, Inc.

As the former director of business development for ten years for the Atlantic Automotive Group in NY, a 1.1-billion-dollar organization, and a top 10 US dealer group, I preached and trained for many years on how to personalize emails to prospective customers. Yet, it never failed that I would continue to find whether by accident or via mystery shopping that the BDC agent or salesperson could barely answer the customer’s question, never mind personalize the email. So here are a few all too common mistakes, and some ways to avoid making them.

  1. Please be a lead detective. There is a common misconception that you really don’t have to read the notes in the internet purchase or lease request. That al customers are the same. WRONG. What the customer in the market to purchase or lease a vehicle really wants is a customized experience. If you cannot take a minute or two to read the request and look for things like address or zip code in proximity to your dealership, specific stock # and/or color/equipment preferences and certainly whether there is any specific comment or question in the notes, then this is not the position for you. At the very least, you won’t be very good at it.
  2. ANSWER THE QUESTION-FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…If a potential customer takes the time to type out specific question or comment in the form, have the decency to at least address it even if you don’t flat out answer it in the first written response.
  3. Think about how you can connect with this customer. Take their email and plug into Facebook or IG. Check out their interests and include any brief common ground you can to customize their experience.
  4. Stop pre-qualifying who is a “buyer” and who isn’t based on lead source. OWN UP to the role you could be playing in the propensity to close that lead source based on what you may not be doing that you should be.
  5. A “lead” is a person. Treat them like one. It’s that simple. Stop thinking like a car dealer and start thinking like a human. The best advise I can give on how to increase customer engagement through personalized emails is the good ole’ Golden Rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. Period. The End.

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